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Ten gifts perfect for that mindful soul

Ten gifts perfect for that mindful soul

Christmas is so much more than just flashy wrapping paper. It's about gifting time and heart to those we love and even strangers. It doesn't need to cost money, it can be service, support or simply attention. We've curated a little gift list that'll hopefully inspire, create awareness and warm the hearts of others.



Time is invaluable and perhaps one of the most understated and powerful gifts. Whether spent with family members or strangers in need this is something everyone can appreciate. Invite mum over for a long lunch, spend quality time with an old friend, or volunteer your time at the local old folks home. Give it freely, you'll reap some of the returns. 



Greenery is a gift that inspires zen and breaths fresh air into all spaces. Plants are on trend for a reason, they look super cute, transform indoor spaces and inspire calm. We love plants of all shapes and sizes, choose one that makes your heart flutter and they're sure to swoon too. On a budget? Simply pick some flowers and greenery and artfully tie it together with brown rope.


A flexible calm mind and a flexible body is a gift that will keep on giving all year round... Learning yoga is something wonderful we can take with us anywhere. It teaches people to relax, breath properly and empowers your meditation practise. Our friends at TriYoga in London have a special on currently, check it out here. 


The Silatha Journal was designed for the modern woman in need of some balance. A 21 day journey that goes hand in hand with the Silatha Mediation App, it has creative exercises, inspiring prose and room to write. Save 10% off using the special gift: XMASGIFTFORYOU you'll also enjoy free shipping on us.



Choose a stunning crystal for that special person in your life. Something small that you can slip into your pocket and keep with you on all occasions, it carries a hefty power with it. Check out our website to see what crystal would suit them best. We love the ones by Rock Your World, a fellow Dutch company. 


In a consumer driven world there's something remarkable about that which is made by hand. And not just any set of hands, but yours specifically. It's sure to be loved by whomever your hand passes it to. Bake something. Paint a picture. Frame a photo. Write a poem. You may find yourself having fun in the process...


You may remember when we wrote all about the power of Mandala colouring. We stumbled upon this pocket sized colouring book designed to enhance meditation. They can pack it in their pocket and take it everywhere. Help someone colour their way to peace and calm, they'll have fun in the process too.


Our stunning Silatha Bracelets have been a huge hit since we introduced them this year. These little gems are handcrafted and scream elegance, more than just a pretty picture they also empower the wearer helping them embody the gemstone they hold. Our Silatha Dorje necklaces are a classic favourite. Save 10% off using the special gift: XMASGIFTFORYOU you'll also enjoy free shipping.



We just love scented candles. They create a really warmth and ambience, especially on a gloomy winter's day. Brighten someone's Christmas with a lovely candle. Just make sure they're not infusing the air with toxic chemicals, here's a handy list of reliable ones that'll help relax sans any nasties.


Sweet dreams are made of ease.. Dream catchers are believed to ward off bad dreams, only letting sweet dreams filter through. Cheap and cheerful, these dream catchers will foster good wishes at home day and night. 


Remember of course that it's the gesture of giving that's more important then the gift itself. We wish you the warmest of holidays and an unforgettable Christmas full of love and warmth.