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The gift of presence this Christmas

The gift of presence this Christmas

The season of spreading love and cheer is upon us. Yet, the very thought of buying gifts for someone dear to us can leave us commodifying our love with extravagant gifts none of us need. At Silatha, we believe the best present you can gift a loved one, is presence and simplicity in being. We've created a beautiful bracelet to bring the wearer back to their essence, paired with a 21-day meditation for an incredible journey home to the self-perfect for gifting your loved ones (or yourself) this Christmas.

Meditation is proven to reduce stress, calm the nervous system, relax the body and promote overall health and wellbeing. Even though the health benefits are becoming widely known, it can still be hard for some of us to commit to this kind of practice on our own. Often, it's because we're so busy taking care of the needs of others before ourselves. 

Sometimes, we need a loved one to hold our hand, take a deep breath, and help us say "yes!" to our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

The new Silatha bracelets have been simplified, offering boho chic style at the affordable price point of £29.00 to help you share the gift of meditation and inner joy with your loved ones this Christmas. Each bracelet features a gemstone, with a special intention for the recipient, and comes with a corresponding 21-day guided meditation for the receiver to grow this inner quality within their life.

Choose the intention which you intuitively feel aligns with your loved one, or use this quiz as a guide to  discovering which gemstone may suit them the most.

- Clarity & Realisation - Labradorite
- Love & Compassion - Rose Quartz
- Emotional Stability & Letting Go - Black Onyx
- Embracing Grief - Apache Tears
- Flow & Relief - Aquamarine
- Inner Peace & Balance - Amethyst

The bracelet serves as a daily reminder of not only the intention they want to infuse into their life, but also the kindness, generosity and love you have shown in carefully selecting a transformative practice for them that benefits their overall wellbeing. They will be able to embark on a 21-day journey into their heart, and plant intentions to encourage the blossoming of their lives in a positive direction.

The wearer will be able to access their 21-day guided meditation series again and again, repeating as they feel is needed. We hope that by gifting the Silatha journey to a loved one, you will be opening them to a lifetime of health and wellbeing, beginning within.

Words by Kirilly Dawn