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The power of gemstones

The power of gemstones

Gemstones have been used from thousands of years not only for their beauty, but for their healing properties. By many cultures they’re revered as treasures of the earth, formed from mineral crystals that carry their own energy, power and secrets.

Choosing your gemstone

Gemstones have many uses and beautifully balance the body, mind and soul. They’re said to heal holistically getting to the root of any inbalances in your life. They protect as a talisman and can also enhance desired qualities.

You can choose your gemstone based on the qualities it encourages, your zodiac sign or simply whatever attracts you the most. Trust your intuition and go with whatever you’re most drawn to.

How to set your gemstones energy

Once you choose the gemstone that suits you best, it’s time to make it yours. Cleanse your gemstone from the energies that are not yours, and program it to your intention.

Cleansing your gemstone

You have a few options to choose from, see which one appeals to you most

  1. Brown rice: get a small bowl of uncooked brown rice and leave your gemstone in it overnight. After using the rice just discard it
  2. Sound cleansing: if you have any instrument at home such as bells, triangles, singing bowls or a little drum you can use it for cleansing. Just play the sound next to the gemstone
  3. Sunlight or Moonlight: keep your gemstone in the sun for a day, or under moonlight overnight

Once you’ve finished the cleansing, your gemstone is ready to be charged with your personal intentions.

Programming your gemstone

It’s a special moment for you to dedicate your Silatha Dorje for a purpose in your life.

  1. Hold your gemstone in your hands and visualise it surrounded by a bright light
  2. Take a deep breath through the nose, slowly exhale through the mouth and bring your awareness into the present moment
  3. Bring your gemstone to your heart, close your eyes and take a few more breaths
  4. Take a few moments and feel the sensation of lightness. Listen to what your heart is telling you. How do you want to feel? How do you want to be? Perhaps there’s a thought that attracts you? A desire? A state of mind or feeling?
  5. Speak it out loud. Your intention is now set. As you say those words, imagine yourself in the state of peace, love and harmony you want to achieve. Visualise yourself the way you want to be and feel.
  6. Keep the vision for a few moments and say Thank you
  7. Take a few more breaths and slowly come back to the present moment. You now know that your gemstone will guide you into your new journey and help you bring your inner light into the world

The most popular usage of gemstones

Gemstones have important positive effects on your wellbeing. Choose your gemstone based on what you want to cultivate in your life.

Rose Quartz - warmth, compassion, contentment & unconditional love

Tiger’s Eye - vitality, willpower, self-esteem & groundedness

Moonstone - love, energy, intuition & sensitivity

Malachite - reflection, protection, inner peace & transformation

Lapis Lazuli - trust, relief, truthfulness & inner-power

Labradorite - clarity, relaxation, realisation & transformation.

Carnelian - drive, passion, courage & positivity

Black Onyx - strength, letting go, self-control & emotional stability

Aquamarine - flow, relief, calming & reasoning

Amethyst - peace, balance, patience & spirituality