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The Pregnancy Series

The Pregnancy Series

Pregnancy is the time when a lot of women become more interested in self-care, inclined to try something new or strengthen their existing wellness habits. One great tool for overall wellbeing during pregnancy is meditation: it helps the mum-to-be feel more connected to her baby, revitalised, calm and more confident.

Whilst meditation is a hugely beneficial practice for everyone, it can sometimes seem daunting. To support women throughout the phases of pregnancy and empower them with a simple yet effective meditation practice, Silatha, has teamed up with Tara Lee and Claire Daniels and together developed a dedicated Pregnancy Meditation Series coupled with the special jewellery edition.

This meditation programme offers a progressive development whereby each practice has simple elements and is guided so that even beginners can easily find a state of relaxation. The series features a range of meditations to help women relax, connect with their baby and prepare for birth. What makes the Silatha Pregnancy Meditation Series unique is its connection to the pairing gem (Silatha necklace) which acts as both a reminder and amplifier of the meditation practice: every time you meditate you connect to the gem, infusing it with the positive qualities generated during the practice. Crucially in pregnancy, a gem can act for the mother as a talisman, reminding her of the qualities that she is bringing into her pregnancy.

All of us experience times of stress and challenge, and the great changes during pregnancy can heighten emotions for many soon to be mothers. A gem around the neck can remind a woman of all the positive qualities that she feels more aligned with, relaxed by and will help to bring her back to the positive range of emotions.

The necklace is long enough to sit close to the baby radiating positive vibrations for both mother and baby.

Featuring meditations for deep relaxation (including yoga nidra), releasing any fear surrounding birth preparation, learning breathing techniques for birth and many more.

Silatha Rough Gemstone Necklaces can be purchased here and is complemented with the pregnancy series.

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Find support in:

- Connecting to your bub

- Breathing exercises

- Confidence and Joy

- 1st / 2nd and 3rd Trimester 

- Birth Prep

Some of these meditations can be done gently moving or even lying down. We have had great feedback on the easy care meditations that are focused on resting such as Yoga Nidra or Afternoon Nap so try one of these when you feel tired or in need of relaxation. 

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