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The story of the Dorje

The story of the Dorje

Our jewellery is inspired by one of the most sacred objects in Tibetan Buddhism the Dorje. 

The central circle represents the unity of the universe, and eight lotus petals emerging from this symbolise spiritual awakening, purity and rebirth.

The Sanskrit word means thunderbolt, an irresistible force, and diamond being indestructible. It is a symbolic and ritual tool used in meditation practice, and like lightning it strikes us suddenly helping connect us to our inner light and true nature.

There have been many legends around the Dorje. It was believed this was the weapon of Indre the king of Gods to kill sinners and ignorant people. Many believed it could kill our inner demons, and thus destroy negative thoughts, worries and fears.

Symbolically the Dorje represents enlightenment - reconnecting to our true selves - the pivotal moment in human consciousness. 

Buddhists believe that our lives are like a dream. We are like actors in the drama that is everyday life. The goal is to wake us from these dreams and remind us who we really are. This is our true nature.

Once we’ve experienced these moments, Buddhists believe we are able to recognise that happiness comes from within. We can detach from external desires such as the need for money, romance, recognition and wealth.

Meditating regularly helps us continually tap back into these moments of awareness, and keep us focussing on finding our happiness within.

We designed our Dorje to be used in meditation practise also.You can connect to it while meditating and you will then be able to emulate the serene feelings at other points in the day by simply touching it. This makes it a cue or tool you can draw on anytime if you want to get back to this happy place.

The concept of Silatha is to connect to the inner quality you want to grow. While meditating you focus on this quality, and you then will grow this quality within you. It will also become associated with your Dorje.

There are ten stones which each represent different inner qualities. If you are wanting to have more balance and be more peaceful choose the Amethyst stone. If you feel you’re lacking drive, courage and passion go for the Carnelian gem. Take our bespoke quiz here to see which stone best suits you.

Getting into meditation can be tricky at first, that’s why we’ve designed a 21 day course. It starts out with simple breathing exercises, and gets more challenging over time. It also continually brings you back to your inner qualities, really inspiring growth.

Both the necklace and bracelet are designed to sit close to your heartbeat, as a reminder of your meditation journey and personal intention.

Looking for a new piece of jewellery that is meaningful and will inspire you daily? Then you’ve come to the right place. Check out a sample of the free meditation app that comes with any purchase of our jewellery.

Silatha was created for busy women, looking for a way to introduce balance, wellbeing and happiness into their life.

Word on the street is that we’ll be releasing an inspiring journal to accompany your journey soon. To stay in the loop and be inspired join us on Instagram and Facebook if you haven't already.