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The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift

The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift

Give your Mum the gift of Self-transformation this Mother’s Day

If you are looking for a gift to make a difference this Mother’s Day, what about supporting your mum in getting into a regular practice of meditation to improve overall wellbeing and create more balance in life?
Silatha meditation app is designed specifically for women. It facilitates your inner growth by helping you set an intention and be guided on a 21-day journey to transform yourself. The app is perfect for both total beginners as well as experienced meditation practitioners.
The app includes 14 series of 21-day themed meditations created to inspire calm and a lasting balance, each tailored to the intention you wish to encourage. In just 15 min a day, watch yourself transform and your inner world blossom.

Intentions include: 
• Letting Go and Emotional Stability
• Inner Peace and Balance
• Flow and Relief
• Clarity and Realisation
• Positivity and Courage
• Trust and Inner Power
• Energy and Intuition
• Reflection and Protection
• Willpower and Self Esteem
• Compassion and Unconditional Love
• Self-mastery and Light-heartedness
• Embracing Grief
• Pregnancy series
• Breathing as a basis
The range of intentions makes it easier for the first time practitioner to start their meditation journey making the practice more tangible.
What’s more, Silatha is the first and only meditation app linked to a physical item – beautiful Silatha natural gemstone jewellery - that functions as a daily reminder of the set intention. This helps you turn your meditation into a regular habit, which is pivotal for lasting results.
Your daily meditations will inspire balance, minimise anxiety, increase mindfulness as well as enhance your general wellbeing. Meditation can also positively affect your overall life include greater emotional intelligence, deeper sleep, improved concentration and reduced blood pressure. Though you will feel the calming benefits straight away, the real power is in continuing the practice for 21 consecutive days, so you will start to gradually feel the lasting changes in your life.
The Silatha App can be downloaded from your iOS app store here and for Android here.