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The world of colour

The world of colour

Think about the world of a child. Each realm of life is saturated in colour. Bright yellows clash with vivid greens and blues. Clothes and toys are all colours of the rainbow. A child's world is one of imagination, creativity, and possibilities. Children draw, paint and write in colour. That world is a wonderful place.

When we age our world mutes. Pastels replace vivid colours. We stop finger painting in rainbows. Our favourite clothes become black, grey and beige. We paint our houses mild colours that won't go out of fashion. We prefer a world of minimalism. 

As our world of colours draws shut, so too does our world of creativity. Greys reflects the logic now in place. Beige reflect the necessary structure. Adulthood is seriousness, respectability and rules. We question what happened to our innate creativity, our imaginations. We look for the wonder, zest, and amazement for life we had once upon a time.

We are huge believers in the power of colour. That's why we chose ten different gemstones. Each different coloured stone has a different story to tell, and different qualities it represents.

The cool blue of Lapis Lazuli represents wisdom and relief.

The vibrant red of Carnelian encourages passion, drive and courage.

The calming green of Malachite supports reflection and inner peace.

The soft pink of Rose Quartz is imbued with warmth, compassion and love.

The stark white of Moonstone leads to a gentle wholeness of being.

Think about the colours you love to wear, the colours you are drawn to and how they make you feel.

With the idea of colour fresh in mind, take our quiz here to see which gemstone is best suited to you.

When you wear your Silatha necklace or bracelet take time to appreciate the depths of colour. Gemstones often slightly change colours in different lights. 

The very energy of the universe is waves of colour. Embrace colour. Let it speak to you. Add splashes of colour into your life, and see what happens.

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