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Top 10 Places to meditate that aren't your home

Top 10 Places to meditate that aren't your home

We all know that meditation is worth it. Physiological shifts take place when we meditate, causing change towards a life filled with more abundance. One of the biggest benefits is that meditation can teach us how to manage stress. By reducing stress, it enhances our overall physical health and emotional well-being. On another level, it can add to our quality of life by teaching us to live in the moment. It is often a challenge to start a practice, and part for this is finding the time or place to meditate daily. If meditation is being used to reduce stress and bring yourself back to the moment we need to think of a few different places to meditate than just at home. Here are 10 places you may have never considered that can lead to meditation zone on the go.

1. Meditate in your car.

Not while you're driving, but when you're sitting alone in a parking lot waiting for someone or have arrived early somewhere, turn off the engine, and start your meditation where-ever you go.

2. Meditate at a religious house.

Even if you're not religious, use the availability and tranquillity of churches, temples, and the like to unwind and de-stress while traveling or on the go. They are open to the public, often calm and quiet and offer a sanctuary to manifest positivity no matter what walk of life you are from.

3. Meditate at a library.

Every city and town has a library. They're quiet, and you can usually find a cozy corner. Besides, this gives you a chance to evoke your inner wisdom.

4. Meditate in a hotel.

Hotels are everywhere, and there is always a comfortable place to sit down in their lobbies. They are open to the public, often very beautiful and comfortable. Stop by one to refuel if you are having a busy day.

5. Meditate in a park.

Find an empty bench or patch of grass, Tip: having a tree behind your back can help you feel grounded and secure if you are not used to meditating in a public place.

6. Meditate on a roof, terrace or in a garden.

You may be in a building that has access to one of the three and not even know it, take a look around for the nearest green space.

7. Meditate on an airplane.

Passes the time especially on long haul flights, helps with jetlag and you’re already sitting! Pop in some headphones and you’ll be able to find another place.

8. Meditate on a beach.

At sunrise and sunset, beaches are usually empty and you get the soothing sound of waves. Being near the ocean can be calming and humbling.

9. Meditate in a waiting room.

You are waiting anyway, so why not? It beats staring into space, aimlessly checking your phone, and waiting for your name to be called.

10. Meditate in a museum.

Meditation has been known to inspire our imaginations, so meditating in them seems like a recipe for creativity on fire. There are always hidden quiet corners in older exhibits.

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