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Transforming grief through meditation with Zephyr Wildman

Transforming grief through meditation with Zephyr Wildman

We are proud to announce our collaboration with leading Yogini Zephyr Wildman which has led to the creation of a very special limited edition line of jewellery and a 21-day meditation program. Together, they are designed to help users manage the strong feelings and emotions around grief and loss.

With first hand experience dealing with loss and trauma, Zephyr found an incredible support system in yoga and meditation and credits both practices in helping her create the strength and courage to forge ahead. When Zephyr lost her first husband to cancer, meditation provided her with a blueprint from which she could start to rebuild her life. She began to see that around the grief she experienced she could develop tools to help her move forward with more tenderness, compassion and understanding.

Apache tears were chosen as the gemstones for this unique limited edition jewellery collection due to the unique tales about them.  As the story goes, a Native American tribe called the Apaches were battling the US cavalry, instead of being defeated they rode their horses off the cliffs edge.  Tears were shed by their wives and children and fell to the earth transforming into these dark stones.

The distinctive shape and colour illuminates our capacity to connect to others and is believed to cultivate more stability, anchoring you so you can tend to your grief with more empathy and kindness.  

A dedicated meditation series “Embracing grief” has been added to our meditation app and contains 21 days of transformative practice. Download the app here.