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Weekend Rituals to Relax, Release and Renew

Weekend Rituals to Relax, Release and Renew

Those two blessed days of the week are upon us, where we can finally take time to unwind and des-stress from the 9-5 grind. Instead of filling your weekend even more dates, appointments and 'things', use these 5 ways to create your own weekend retreat at home.

We're big believers in the power of rituals (link) at Silatha, and these weekend rituals can help add a dose of self love into your weekends when we actually have time. The most important thing here, is commit to making time. Pencilling it in, adding it to your calendar. Making your self love weekend rituals a non-negotiable, so that you create a deep trust within yourself that you are here to take care of you, no matter what.


Closing/ opening ceremony 

Closing your week with your own personal ceremony is a beautiful way to intuitively and intentionally release the tensions from your week. You can include the elements in your ceremony, using a candle and bringing some water, or simply washing your hands and feet. Meditation, as well as journaling or saying aloud that which you want to release from your week, the lessons you are grateful for, and any joys and sorrows. Practiced every week, it will help you to mentally and emotionally release any stressors that accumulated during the week while giving yourself some time and space to feel and accept what is there. This closing ceremony simultaneously opens you to your weekend, the time of renewal, the space in between for pleasure, rest, play and anything that nourishes your soul!


Wash it off

If you're lucky enough to have a bath, or access to one (or let's face it, even a kiddies pool will do in desperate times!), create your own medicine bath. These baths are the perfect way to wash off your stresses from the week, particularly on a Friday night. Run your bath with water, mix in magnesium salts, and add any flowers, herb and plant ally's to assist your current mood and state. Rosemary is particularly good for circulation and removing stagnancy, while lavender is soothing and mint will revitalise your system. Add each flower and herb with gratitude for working with you, and as you enter the tub you can say aloud that which you need to release. And if there's not even a kiddies pool in sight, this also works wonderfully as a foot bath!


Love your skin
There's something delicious about home-made facials. Mostly because you can also eat them. Fresh, whole plants and fruits that are good for your belly, are also good for your face! Raid your garden or fridge for some of these everyday feel good foods, make a mask, put your headphones in and relax.
Honey: excellent for dry skin and highly moisturising

Pumpkin: the fleshy part is high in vitamin A and C and can be blended to make a face mask

Greek Yoghurt: the plain, unsweetened kind, contains lactic acid and is great for blemishes and fine lines

Avocado: if you can manage to save some without eating it all, its monounsaturated fats are incredibly moisturising

Olive oil: anti-inflammatory and packed with antioxidants to moisturise your skin
These are only a few, get exploring, creating and sensing what feels good for you!


Self Expression
Creative self expression is a tool to access all the different aspects of your being, allowing space for it all. There are many languages for the soul. Writing, dancing, singing, making music, painting, crafting, the list is really endless. Making some time for creative expression, without the need to actually produce something at the end of it is powerful work. The process itself is sometimes messy, ugly, beautiful, terrifying and exhilarating, and all is welcome. All is an essential part of the human experience.


Sun loving
Vitamin D is crucial for our health and getting outside and into natural environments helps us stay grounded and connected to the source of life itself. Make time to lie on the grass, get the sun's rays on your skin and absorb its nourishing force. Meditation is an incredible way to listen and deeply connect with nature, and practicing outside on the Earth deepens this connection. Feel the air on your skin. The light hitting your eyes. The movement of the trees, dance of the waves and the density of the earth. Knowing, that all these elements are inside of you, and your understanding and awareness of the outer and inner are one.