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What is an intention?

What is an intention?

Setting an intention is the intrinsic starting point for any new action or result. Any dream you want to create, or new habit you want to live, first starts with an intention. It's the basis of all our actions, whether we're conscious of it or not. Intentions are also the foundation of Silatha's new 21 day guided meditations. So what exactly is an intention, how do we make one and actually work with them?

An intention is like a seed. Infused with purpose, it sets in motion that which we want to create. Like any seed, we want to plant our intention in healthy fertile soil. And for it to grow, we need treat it with a balance of trust in it's innate nature, as well as continuing to nourish it with our actions.

The soil
Planting your intention in good soil doesn't mean you need to be perfect or get your shit together before setting it. We all need to begin where we are. The good soil we are aiming for is moments of clarity, and one of the best ways to enter this space is through meditation. When we are in our meditative state, we're cantered enough to allow the thoughts and feelings to move on by without us being swept up in them. In this grounded and clear space, we can plant our intention in good faith.

The seed
Your intention will be a reflection of your greatest desire. We are all driven by our deepest desires, yet through life circumstances and our individual paths, we will have inherited, received or created limiting beliefs. Some of which will be self sabotaging and based on fear, and which drive our actions and reactions to life. The intention we create should be based on trust and love. When we focus our energy on that which we want to create out of trust, we are re-programming the space from which we grow, move and act.

Your intention should therefore be positive. Instead of focusing on that which you do not want to do, focus on what you want to create. If your intention is about creating healthy boundaries (which is an act of self-love, not isolation), your intention might be "I set healthy boundaries as an act of love" instead of "I will not tolerate other people's bullshit."

Every Silatha stone is paired with a positive intention for self growth and discovery. If you're unsure of the kind of intention you want to work with at this time in your life (and they will change), you can take this quiz to help you get clarity on where you are and what inner qualities you want to nourish. Some of the Silatha intentions which you can work with, even if you do not have the stone or app, include:

"I release the need to control; all is well" (Black Onyx)
"I am balanced and at peace" (Amethyst)
"I welcome change and flow with it towards my highest good" (aquamarine)
"I move with bravery and grace" (Carnelian)
"I trust in my authentic self" (lapis lazuli)
"I trust my intuition" (Moonstone)
"I am enough" (red tiger eye)
"I am unconditional love; I am loved unconditionally" (rose quartz)

Trust and release
In order for our intention to grow, we must trust it and the growing process. Rarely is the process of change and growth easy. It's often uncomfortable as things shift within us. We can face parts of ourselves we have been resisting, and will need to make new choices which move us away from old habits and ways of being which do not align with our intention. This is part of the process and it's necessary to keep it in mind. Growing can be uncomfortable. We need to trust in our intention, and allow the process to unfold naturally. This is where we release control, and have faith in our intention with an element of non-attachment. If we were planting a seedling of a fern, we would not obsess over it each and everyday, trying to direct the rate and angles by which is grows. There is an innate trust that this plant has the knowledge and wisdom within it to grow as it naturally will. We need to treat our intention with this same level of respect.

Whilst we have to let go and trust the process, we also need to water our seed; it cannot grow on faith alone. We do this through daily practice in our meditation, repeating our intention and meditating on it throughout the journey. We also nourish our intention through our daily actions - the big and the small. We're tending to our desires, and flowing with them. One day we may feel we're living and breathing this new intentional way of being, and another that we've totally fallen off track. On these days, we need to give a little more nourishment to ourselves through acts of self love (which can include setting boundaries, taking care of our physical, mental and emotional health) and taking even the smallest steps to align with our intention.

Working with your intention for 21 days will allow you to commit to your purpose whilst being dedicated to your own spiritual growth. After 21 days you can reflect on where you are, and see if it is time to change your intention by altering it slightly, or tending to a new aspect of yourself that you are naturally drawn to as a result of your inner transformation. All is connected and naturally when we grow one aspect of ourselves, our intentions will shift with time as new aspects of our inner being are revealed. Treat yourself kindly and enjoy the ride.

Words by Kirilly Dawn.