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Why journal

Why journal

Journaling and mindfulness may not initially seem linked, but intrinsically they are.

A journal is a great way to extend your meditation and mindfulness practice. It releases the power of past stresses and future anxieties, helping to ground you in the moment.

There is great power in writing. When you spill words from the heart and let them flow out, it brings great calm and clarity.

Journaling allows us to start a dialogue with ourselves about what is going on in and around us. 

Studies have shown that regular journaling reduces stress and helps us sleep better. It increases our emotional intelligence, thus helping us to understand our feelings more clearly.

There is something about physically using pen and paper that enables us to connect more deeply with what we are writing.

It also signals to our brain that we deem it important. The act of writing something down makes us more likely to achieve it.

Creating a routine and journaling regularly is the best way to get the most benefits out of this exercise.

The new Silatha Journal has been created specifically to work alongside your meditation practice. Like our App, it is a 21-day journey the optimum amount of time to start a new habit.

It delves deeper into the ideas discussed in the App, helping to cement the learning process. The journal is also full of tips, inspiration and creative exercises that provide a great framework for the journey. There are places to set your intentions and goals to help you monitor your progress.

Being compact, you can carry it with you to scribble in throughout your day, during your commute, or after that yoga class.

Find the power of journaling and how it can ground you in the present moment. It may turn out to be your most productive new hobby.

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To complement your journey or to start with your journey, we now offer you the Silatha Journal. It's a gorgeous book, that will help you on each day of the Silatha...