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Forrest yoga in lavender fields

Forrest yoga in lavender fields

Not yoga set in the woodlands, Forrest Yoga is a style of yoga perfect for modern day stresses as it targets the neck, shoulders and core - places we carry our tension.

We spoke to one of our Silatha Ambassadors Rosalind who practises this new style of yoga. She talks meditation, routines, relaxation, gemstones and of course Forrest Yoga.

What role does meditation play in your life?

Meditation is as essential as sleep. If I don’t meditate I feel very out of whack. I like to work with a 20-minute meditation in the morning and maybe a shorter one before bed. This helps me connect with myself and keep my mind calm.

Why is each day so important in these types of journeys?

Like anything in life, meditation isn’t perfect every day. If we quit the moment it becomes uncomfortable or challenging then we cut our self short of receiving the gems available from the practice. With daily repetition we gain a better understanding of our self and the different processes of the mind. Once we get past the notion of the idea that meditation is making the mind empty of activity, then we come to realise that the sessions where we sit and the mind is busy, are in fact just as important, if not more important, that than the sessions where the mind perhaps feels more at ease.

What influence has journalling had in your life?

Journalling helps me to cut through the extraneous stuff in my mind and get to the crux of what is important to me. I use it to help make decisions, to set intentions and to clear my mind at the start or end of the day. In a world where there is often a feeling of great pressure to perform or be perfect, journaling gives us the freedom to just be our self and really appreciate this.



What’s your favourite thing to do in your spare time?

When I am not yoga-ing I love being out in nature, by the ocean and long distance running. I live just outside of London so I am lucky to have lots of countryside around me that I can enjoy. In the summer my favourite place to go to is the Lavender farm, which is about a 20 minute run from my home. There are fields and fields of purple beautifulness! When you look at it you really feel like you are in the South of France not Hertfordshire. I love going to visit the farm to collect lavender too – it’s so amazing to walk way out into the fields and you are just surrounded by this beautiful fragrance, bees and literally sitting in a sea of purple. It is just stunning!


What’s your favourite guilty pleasure?

Good quality dark chocolate! My favourite recipe to make is raw chocolate fudge made with raw cacao. It tastes amazing and is so easy to make. This is definitely my favourite guilty pleasure (but admittedly it is a little dangerous to have a tray of this in the fridge!)


Describe your daily wellbeing routine.

My daily routine depends on the day of the week and my work schedule. If I run in the morning then I will fit a yoga practice into my day later on. This is really important not just to help me stretch but also to keep me connected with myself. Yoga helps running in so many ways beyond stretching! I have a 30-minute train journey into London so I like to do my meditation then – it feels like a productive and fulfilling use of the time. I normally use the Silatha app and one of the 21-day meditations. This way when I get off the train in London my mind is refreshed and I am ready to teach. Throughout the day I will be teaching classes in London studios, in companies or maybe 1:1’s depending on the day. I also have an admin job that I do working remotely so will factor some time on this in too; along with the admin I need to do for myself. If my day allows it I like to do some yin yoga or a yoga nidra in the evening to help me to wind down before going to bed.



What are your top three tips for a clear calm mind?


  • Meditate every day! It doesn’t need to be for a long time – just ten minutes will do the trick. Using an app such as Silatha with guided meditations can be a great tool if you are new to meditation or having a day where your mind is really wandering.
  • Get outside! When my mind is busy or stressed I like to get out in the fresh air and nature to take a walk. Whether it’s a quick walk through the park or a run through the countryside, it never fails to help to shift my energy.
  • Reduce your caffeine intake – I gave up drinking coffee around 18 months ago. The caffeine from it was definitely making me more anxious, and affecting my sleep quality. I now only drink good quality decaf (I do like the taste of coffee I have to admit!) or tea. I try to only drink herbal tea from the afternoon onwards. If I feel like I need a pick up then I get upside down rather than have a coffee!


What made you interested in being a Silatha Ambassador?

Silatha combines four of my most favourite things: meditation, journaling, semi precious stones and beautiful, thoughtfully designed jewellery. When I was given the opportunity to become an ambassador, I literally didn’t have to think twice before saying a big yes! 


How and why do yoga and meditation go hand in hand?

When we talk about yoga nowadays people more often than not only think of it terms of the physical practice – Asana. In fact, asana is only one of the eight limbs of yoga. Dharana (concentration) and Dhyana (meditation) are also two equally important limbs of yoga. So, when we talk about practising yoga then this really should automatically be including meditation. Whilst asana might be seen by some as a workout for the body, it actually opens the gateway for us to deepen our awareness and connection with our true self. For me, meditation is a continuation of this deeply personal work. Meditation is the ultimate work-in, helping me to connect deeply with myself and my emotions, and habitual tendencies.


How have you found crystals and gemstones powerful in your life?

I’ve been working with crystals since back in around 2006. I was living in Thailand at the time and spent some time on one of the islands during my work vacations. I had a chakra balancing session using crystals – the therapist used crystals on the different chakras to bring them back into balance. I remember lying there feeling the energy of a crystal resting on my body and not wanting to move so as not to disturb it. I later realized that the treatment had actually already ended and what I was feeling was the residual power of the crystal. It was a very profound session. Since then I have carefully chosen and worked with semi precious stones in my meditation and wear them as jewelry to help with what I feel need on any given day.


What’s the relationship between mind, heart and body?

Heart, body and mind or completely interwoven and linked for me, but in many of us they are often out of alignment and we don’t even realize it. When there is tension or pain in the body it can be interesting to observe what it going on outside of this – are there things playing on our mind? When making decisions, are we making them from our heart or mind? How can we bring heart and mind into alignment so we use both? Yoga and meditation are such great tools for bringing all these three things back into equilibrium.


Do you have any personal anecdotes of how Silatha products have brought something positive to your life?

My Silatha dorje bracelet has a rose quartz on it. I don’t often wear rose quartz so I was a little surprised when this came up as my stone on the quiz. Rose quartz is the stone of compassion and love; whilst we might often think of this as relating to how we treat other people, it is equally pertinent in how we treat our self too. Do you fill your cup before you give to others? I have had an extremely busy couple of months, and every time I look at the dorje on my bracelet it has reminded me of the fact that it’s important to take time for myself too, and that no matter what doubts I might have, I have got this! This has been a massive support during stressful times.


Would you recommend Silatha to a friend? And why?

Completely! The Silatha mediations and journal provide great tools to connect deeper with yourself and re-discover a sense of inner calm that might be feeling lost or very hidden. The jewellery incorporates semi precious stones in such a thoughtful way, and the symbol of the dorje can serve as such a powerful reminder of the power we all have within us. Sometimes, we might forget about this and lose belief in our self. The Silatha products are designed as a potent reminder to help you to step into your most authentic and empowered self on a daily basis.


Lastly what is Forrest yoga?

The Forrest Yoga founder Ana Forrest took traditional yoga poses and reworked them to heal her own body. You can read more about her fascinating story and the background in her book Fierce Medicine – it’s a great read and I highly recommend checking it out! In Forrest Yoga we work with longer holds in the poses so you have more time to tailor the pose to your body. This means it can be especially helpful for people who are working with injuries. We focus a lot on the breath and breathing in ujjayi breath throughout which helps oxygenate the blood and bring more energy and heat to the body. You can learn the Ujjayi breath also in day 3 of the Silatha meditation appWe also incorporate a lot of work focusing on relaxing the neck and shoulders, which always feels amazing. If you haven’t tried Forrest Yoga yet, come and join a class and experience it for yourself. (Want to try a class with Rosalind at Triyoga? Find them here)