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My Silatha Journey began when I discovered meditation, and the calm and fulfilment it could bring to my busy, daily routine. Living, loving and breathing this new rhythm, has been the most beautiful gift in my life. I wish to share the Silatha Journey, enable you to light your inner glow and feel the difference in your life.’ Silatha Founder, Veroniek Vermeulen.

It all started in 2012, when I took time out from my career in senior corporate management, for a meditation retreat in Nepal. In my daily life, I was always chasing something or I felt that I had to achieve even more to feel happy. Life was leading me and I wanted to consciously lead my life.

In the Himalayas, I had a life-changing realisation. I felt what it meant to be in the present moment. By contrast, our modern lifestyles are busy and preoccupied, we spend half of our time thinking about the past or future, rather than being in the moment.

I understood how meditation enables consciousness and peace of mind and this motivated me to transform the way I live my life. In our modern Western lives, there is always more to desire and this is, by nature, deeply unfulfilling. Meditation offers an alternative, to connect inwards. It allows us to nurture our own inner quality and strengths for long-term pleasure and true fulfilment.

I continued my learning while living in monasteries in Vietnam, Japan and Myanmar. It deepened the love from within, though I found that it was difficult to hold onto this 'glow' once back in everyday life as I had no meditation habit.

This is what sparked the idea to transform the ancient wisdom of meditation for modern lifestyles. This breathed life into the Silatha Journey. I left my corporate career behind to self-fund Silatha. 

I invite you to begin your own Silatha Journey and discover your inner source of lasting fulfilment and happiness.

With love,


A strong team behind Silatha makes it possible for you to experience this beautiful journey, please meet the fantastic Silatha team.


Ariadna is a PR and Communications Consultant with over 15 years of experience. Having worked for some of the world’s top PR agencies, she then moved into the wellbeing industry over 7 years ago following her long-standing passion towards yoga & holistic health. She combines her PR, communication and business skills gained in the corporate world with her deep appreciation for wellbeing. 

Favourite Silatha series: Love and Compassion


Cocheene is a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Australian femme who's love for meditation came at a very young age. After completing a double major in media, culture & technology degree / International business she entered the world of journalism and later digital marketing. With 8+ years of experience in this field, she loves to produce conscious elevating content for all to savour and enjoy.

Favourite Silatha series: Inner Power & Trust 


Anni is an experienced yoga teacher, who loves sharing her knowledge of meditation and breathing techniques through yoga. Her study in economics and seeing the sometimes dysfunctioning business world, inspired her to support people in creating more balance between their work and inner being.

Favourite Silatha series: Breathing techniques


A passionate techie with a knack for development and learning new skills. Always curious about new technologies and solving problems in novel ways. In his free time he's an aspiring writer, traveler and martial artist which all made the love of meditations come to him naturally.

Favourite Silatha series: Emotional Stability & Letting Go


Extremely talented designer, with a long background in corporate design. Not only the most friendly designer you can imagine, one who things with you, and looks at the bigger picture. She is taking care of Silatha’s visual identity with her heart and soul.

Favourite Silatha series: Emotional Stability & Letting Go


Computer scientist turned meditation advocat with years of experience in communications for mindfulness brands

Favourite Silatha Series: Energy & Intuition


Zephyr Wildman has been a Senior Yoga Teacher in London since 2002. She integrates the transformative teachings of Rod Stryker’s Para Yoga and Richard Freeman’s Ashtanga method in her teaching.  She has also conducted workshops globally using Doug Keller’s “The Therapeutic Wisdom of Yoga”. 

Joanna - Well-being teacher

Joanna is a psychologist  and a Certified Mindfulness Meditation & MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) teacher. She is also wellness specialist and author of a stress reduction book. It's her mission to create more self-compassion and supporting people becoming more mindful, relaxed and happy.

Nicole - Coach and wonderful Spirit

Nicole is a certified Master Coach in NLP, TLT & Hypnosis, a Certified Law of Attraction Coach & Member of The International Coaching Federation (ICF). And author of the book “Why hasn’t anyone told me? The success factor that we were never taught”. Above all, she is always there to make you smile from the heart. 

Favourite Silatha series: Peace & Balance

Jazmin - Transformational Coach

Jazmin is a transformational coach, consultant, trainer, (TEDx) speaker, creative visionary, and performance artist.  She is passionate about [self] expression, transformation, events and human dynamics. Her lively, inviting & entrepreneurial spirit supports individuals and companies to become aware of their limitations, and unleash their innate potential.