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What does the name Silatha stand for?

‘Sila’ stands for Nobel Life, whereas ‘Atha’ means Now in Sanskrit. We believe that with the Silatha Dorje, you will (and can) start a ‘Nobel life’ for yourself and others around you, now.

Who is Silatha?

Silatha is a company created out of a need for more balance and inner peace in our everyday life. You can find more information about the creator Veroniek, on the ‘About’ section on this website.

How do I use the Silatha App and the Silatha Dorje?

The Silatha Meditation Course is an easy 21-day guided meditation practice and takes only 15 to 20 minutes a day. You will receive the course audio through an app, of which you will receive the login details by email with your purchase of our jewellery. You can start your journey whenever you want, starting with day one. You’ll be guided day by day through the practice, listening to different guided meditations for 21 consecutive days. After the 21 days you could start again, pick any meditation you particularly liked, or continue your own practice.

The app also contains silent meditations that are a great next step for after you have experienced the 21 days, that teach you all the basics to start your silent meditation practice. Silent practice means that you start with the ritual and you end with the ritual, and in-between there is silence. The gong at the beginning and the end notify you when to get started and when to stop. You decide yourself the length of your meditation. We developed Silatha meditation course in combination with the Silatha Dorje, so you have focus and a powerful symbol to support you and to remind you of your intention. 

Why is the Silatha meditation course 21 days?

Typically, it takes 21 days to establish a new habit in life. After you’ve done the 21-day meditation course, it’s likely you will continue practicing on a daily basis. This is the start of a journey to your inner self and an invitation to practice every day. A lifelong journey.

I have tried meditation before, but it didn’t work for me, why would the Silatha Journey help me?

The Silatha meditation course, together with the Silatha Dorje, is a support to reconnect to your inner self. By focusing on a specific inner quality during your meditation, you gain this energy back when you wear the Silatha Dorje during the day. The meditation course is developed in a way that it is very easy to follow and understand. It is always you who needs to do the hard work and commit to this. It does take some time before you feel the benefits from it, but a daily practice will create this space. Silatha is your inspiration to get you started and to stay on your journey. The Silatha Dorje and its symbolism serves as your beautiful reminder that you can carry with you. As the Silatha Journey is a very simple practice, it can help you to feel the benefit of meditation which gives you the desire to continue.

I can’t concentrate (at all), what am I doing wrong?

There is no wrong and right way. In the beginning it can be very hard to concentrate, and/or let go of thoughts entering your mind. With practice this will improve. It’s like sports training, when training your muscles you improve your strength and endurance. It’s the same with the mind, by training your mind, it will become easier to concentrate. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Is it proven that meditation is good for you?

There is a lot of research on the benefits of a daily meditation practice. It all shows that, amongst other benefits, the following elements are proven:

Better concentration

Being more calm and balanced

Ability to control emotions more easily

Improves performance in relationships, work, sports, etc

It has many health benefits like slower heart rate, reduced anxiety and reduced chance for many stress related illnesses

What do you mean by true nature?

Your true nature is the person you were to become when you were born. Over the course of our life, we are influenced by the people who raise us, protect us, etc and we adapt. Unconsciously, we take a lot from others that we meet, and slowly lose/cover who we truly are. When connecting to your true nature you understand and see your purpose, values, motivations, goals and beliefs. You could describe it as your soul. When reconnecting to the person you truly are, you find peace and happiness.

The Silatha jewellery represents a Dorje, what does that symbolise?

The Silatha Dorje is inspired by one of the most sacred objects in Tibetan Buddhism, the Dorje. It represents our true nature - brilliant and indestructible.

Dorje  also means thunderbolt and is known for its power to transform; like a lightning bolt that can strike us anytime, to realise our true inner nature and to help us build - once again - the connection to our inner light.

The Dorje is used during meditation, to support the meditation practice. Carrying the Dorje and meditating with it keeps us connected to our journey and intention.

How long should I practice?

The journey to your true nature is a lifelong journey. With the Silatha 21-day meditation course you create a habit in your daily life, to be continued by you. We recommend practicing every day. To ensure the course easily fits with your schedule, we created a 15 to 20 minutes daily practice. Anyone wanting to practice longer is encouraged to do so.

What if I miss a day out of the Silatha 21-Day Practice?

When you miss a day, simply do it the next day. It’s not ideal, because it breaks the 21-day habit, and the created routine. But don’t worry if you miss a day, you can easily pick it up. Also you can always repeat a practice from a previous day, if you feel like doing it once more.

Can I repeat the Silatha 21-Day Practice?

YES! You can repeat each day, as often as you want to.

What is the quality of the Silatha Dorje?

Every Silatha Dorje is exquisitely designed and handcrafted with love and the greatest care. As each gemstone is unique and made from natural materials, every Silatha Dorje is individual and therefore truly personal to the keeper. Each piece is created with 925 sterling silver and plated with 18 carat yellow, rose or white gold. We only select the highest quality silver, gold and gemstones.

What materials are used to create the Silatha Dorje?

The Silatha Dorje is made from solid 925 sterling silver with either one of the following plating:

Yellow: 18 karat gold plating

Rose: 18 karat gold plating

White:  rhodium plating – 18 karat white gold

How do I best care for my Silatha Dorje?

The Silatha Dorje is a sacred object and is to be treated with respect and care. You receive your Silatha Dorje in a soft pouch and a strong box, we recommend storing the Silatha Dorje in there. It's best to remove the jewellery when sleeping.

Never spray perfume or other scented products on your Silatha Dorje.

And don't put strong power on the chain. It's designed to carry the Dorje, not to have a heavy weight on it.

Can I create my own combination of the gold colour and the gemstone?

Sometimes this is possible. Contact us through with your request. We can then look at possibilities and see if we can help. Such customisation requires an additional cost and delivery time.

Can I order the Silatha Dorje in full gold?

Yes, contact us through with your request. Prices are on request. Please take into account a longer delivery time.

On the website you give certain properties of the gemstones, how does this work?

It’s been known for centuries, across various cultures, that people attribute (healing) properties to the use of gemstones for their emotional wellbeing. 

Will the Silatha Dorje, including the gemstone, look the same as in the pictures?

As each gemstone is unique and made from natural materials they may vary in colour and pattern. This adds to the attributes of the Silatha Dorje which is made under strict quality controls to meet the highest standards.

Can I return my Silatha Dorje?

It can be returned within 7 days when the jewellery is not worn or damaged. This is because we use precious stones that are only to be worn by one person. After wearing, we can't take it back. However, when a Silatha Dorje is damaged, it can be sent in for repairs.  This might take a few weeks and could come with additional cost. Best is to contact us on and we  will always do our very best to support you.

Are taxes included in the price of the Silatha Dorje?

All prices are listed in Pounds Sterling, and include applicable value added taxes (VAT). For deliveries outside of Europe, local taxes/duty might possibly be added and are to be paid upon receipt. This would be local government taxes and have no relation to Silatha. You will be able to find these taxes through your local government.